In order to identify potential development sites, the Parish Council carried out a “Call for Sites” exercise in March 2022 that invited landowners and other persons/organisations to submit potential sites for consideration by the Parish Council. This exercise resulted in the submission of 15 potential sites.

Alongside our "Call for Sites", sites have also been submitted to Canterbury City Council as part of their "Call for Sites".

A map showing the sites that have been submitted to Chartham Parish Council and Canterbury City Council can be downloaded here.

Each site is now being assessed in considerable detail by an external organisation. AECOM, funded through central government are preparing a Site Assessment Report. This Site Assessment Report will form part of the evidence base that will be used to prepare the Chartham Neighbourhood Plan.

Site Assessment Report is a technical exercise to determine the quantity and suitability of land potentially available for housing development. This document does not allocate sites to be developed. Whether sites are allocated will be determined through the Neighbourhood Plan process, which will include a comprehensive consultation, allowing all villagers, as well as neighbouring Parishes, and other interested parties to participate in the housing allocation process, and, more broadly, the revised Neighbourhood Plan.